Federación Nacional de Asociaciones Provinciales de Empresarios Detallistas de Pescados y Productos Congelados


FEDEPESCA started the “Proyecto Fedepesca Innova” at the end of 2011with the objective of creating a network of women fishmongers. We have carried out a study about the lifestyle, health and challenges that these working women face in their daily lives.

Our web plataform has:

  1. A forum to debate and share ideas
  2. A system that talks and give information about entrepreneurs, business, equality of opportunity between both genders and family life conciliation.
  3. Access to the entrepreneurial sector.
  4. Main characteristics of the women that work in the sector (fishmongers) and aquaculture.
  5. Developing of social networks and other tools that can be used by our users.
  6. Information about public bodies, national, regional and research public centers.
  7. A study that is available about the health and working conditions of women within the sector.

On the other hand, we also have developed a traceability application that helps our sector to cope with the current regulation.

  • Traceability control from the origin of the product
  • APPCC system.
  • Economic financial systems.
  • Proper hygiene and environmental practices.
  • Digital selling (B2B).
  • Accountability programs (B2B).
In order to develop this project, we did some analysis in MercaGranada, IN THE Lonja of Coruña and in MercaMadrid. We analyzed the actual relationship between the whole and retail sellers, and based on the results we developed an application that covers the sector needs. After that, we did some informative sessions and arranged a meeting by phone with our members.

Furthermore, we also published a new guide called nueva Guía de Trazabilidad for the retail fish sector, updating the one that we already published in 2005, and making sure that covers all the current regulation and law. We also edited a guide called Guía de Buenas Prácticas Medioambientales, where we advise about how to look after the enviroment and good techniques for a sustainable future.. These guides, both the traceability one and the environmental one were presented by FEDEPESCA in the city of Gijon, where we were invited by the Asturias retailer fish sector. Manuel Rodríguez., president of the association was the main host. An finally, we also carried on some informative experimental meetings in the auto control sector. We would also like to mention that Fedepesca presented officially the Fedepesca Innova project in Seville the 8 of April of 2013.