Federación Nacional de Asociaciones Provinciales de Empresarios Detallistas de Pescados y Productos Congelados

Our aims and objectives

The aims of the federation are:

  1. – Defend the general or common interest of his members in the commercial, proffesional or economic field. Absolutly independence of the specific interest of his associated members.
  2. – Promote the cooperation among its members, which will promote the mutual aid and defends of general interest.
  3. – Keep a good relation with all the official boddies, either provincials, nationals or foreingers.
  4. – To execute all the actions that are consider necessary or convenient to ensure the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the association.
  5. – The federation would be able to be part of any other profesional emtrepeneurial organization.
  6. – Support the specific interest of the members of the confederation, as long as they don’t go against any other member interest.
  7. – Become a reference in the world of the fishing industry.
  8. – To have the resources to face the present and future challenges.
  9. – Develop all the promotional activities that could promote the consuption of fish in our commercial fields.
  10. – To have a flexible organization which allow us to be able to answer to all members of the association.
  11. – Promote the development of collective projects, this would allow the small companies to be able to face challenges that they, otherwise wouldn’t be able to face.
  12. – Promote the RESEARCH-DEVELOPMENT of the sector.
  13. – Improve the competitiveness in the sector.
  14. – Promote the formation of the workers and profesionals in the sector.
  15. – Use the new techonlogies of communication and informationm, promoting its introducion in the sector.
  16. – Gererally speaking, the use of any service of activity, that being legal would help the federation to reach its aims and objectives.

Nowadays, we are the main representation of the administration.