Federación Nacional de Asociaciones Provinciales de Empresarios Detallistas de Pescados y Productos Congelados

The Federation

Our federation was born due to the necessities that were created after the political and social changes that happened in Spain at the end of the 70s. These changes produced an increase in the number of rules and regulations which affected directly our sector and the national environment. There were fiscal reforms, new sanitary regulations, new commercial margins and value added tax.

The circumstances mentioned before created the bases needed for the provincial Associations to start thinking about the necessity of a new coordinated action, with the aim of representing all the general and common views of the sector to the central administration. However, we also respect all the competences that belongs to the Autonomous communities. Due to all these problems, and after some meetings with a number of provincial associations, our national federation was built the 31 of May of 1978. The main promoters of our federation were the Association of Madrid, Barcelona Seville and Palencia. Our constitution was written following the law 19/1977, from the 1 of April, which regulated the rights of the trade Unions, and the real decree-law of 833/77, the 22 of April. After all the necessary legal steps, our inscription as a national federation was published in the “Boletin ofical del estado” the 4 of July of 1978.