Federación Nacional de Asociaciones Provinciales de Empresarios Detallistas de Pescados y Productos Congelados

Participation and departments

  • FEDEPESCA is member of the Spanish confederation of commerce (CEC-CEOE).


  • FEDEPESCA is also a member of the Executive committee of the fishing sector, which is a dependant body of the ministry of Agriculture, Food and environment. From this committee, the central administration and all the other fishing sectors in the world analyze and propose solutions for the fishing sector. During this process, they will mention our national confederation as the main interlocutor of the fishing retailing industry.


  • We also have a committee in the “Observatorio de Precios de los Alimentos”, a national body that is dependant of the ministry of Agriculture, food and environment and that was created in order to promote fair and rational prices.


  • FEDEPESCA its also member of the director board from the Plataforma Tecnológica española de la Pesca y de la Acuicultura (PTEPA), from which Fedepesca was one of the founding members. Nowadays we are also the coordinators of the technical work and commercialization group.


  • FEDEPESCA is also member of the Director´s board of the EFTP “Building trust from catch to consumer”.


  • FEDEPESCA has also voice in the Comités Técnicos de Normalización de AENOR Comercio Minorista CTN 175 y de Pesca Extractiva CTN 195, and we have took part in the regulation and rules that affect the retailer fish industry.


  • FEDEPESCA is also part of the Plan Estratégico del Plan de Calidad de los Productos Pesqueros, and we are member of its comitee.


  • FEDEPESCA have been also part of the Grupo de Trabajo de Mayoristas -Minoristas de la Comisión Nacional de Subproductos de Origen Animal no aptos para el Consumo Humano, and we are one of the authors of the White books, which mention all the human products that are not suitable for human consumption.


  • FEDEPESCA is also member of Comisiones de Seguimiento de los Reglamentos de Higiene de la Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición.


  • In 2011, we took part in the strategic areas and sustainable strategies in relation with the commercialization of fish products.


  • We are members of the “Mesa de Comercialización del Sector Pesquero”, where we work with Acopes, the Asociación Nacional de Mayoristas, the Asociación nacional de Supermercados (ASEDAS), the Asociación Nacional de cadenas de Supermercados (ACES) and the Asociación Nacional de Grandes Superficies (ANGED).