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  • Sharing any fishery experience or mini-tip related to fishery products, in website you can participate and win 5 amazing prizes.
  • It will be possible to take part in the contest from 15th August to 30th Participation will be possible from any part of the world.
  • With FishFan contest, the National Association of specialized fish retailers, FEDEPESCA, tries to promote fishery products consumption, especially the seasonal ones. This project has been possible with the collaboration of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry, and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).


Monday 14th September in NH Príncipe de Vergara Hotel  (C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 92), FEDEPESCA, the Spanish Association of  Fish Retailers  and frozen products  presents FIshFan Project, which aim is to promote nationally fishery and aquaculture products, and specialized fish stores. This project has been carried out by FEDEPESCA in collaboration with Agriculture, Food and Enviroment Ministry and the European Fisheries Fund, under the slogan “we invest in sustainable fishing”.

FISHFAN tries to encourage consumers to become fish fans by an on-line contest. Fish consumption is promoted using innovative tools which simplify the interaction with the customer, at any hour and from any place. Trying to support this international participation, the web platform it’s also available in English.

Regulatory Basis can be found in This contest is intended for customers and people working in this sector in Spain. The contest is composed by 3 categories:

  • “Share&win”: A prize will be drawn amongst those who share the Campaign promotional video or the Campaign image, in their Facebook wall, or click “Like” in the video or the image.
  • “Fish Experience”: Participation in this category will be possible by uploading a picture, or by sharing the link of a video made by the contestant, wich will be previously uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook to the following website: This photo will involve a dish made with fish or products obtained from aquaculture, or that reflect an experience related to the fishing sector (this experience could be the moment of purchase, or any other experience related to fish and aquaculture products).
  • “Fish Professional”: Participation in this category will be possible by writing a “mini-tip”, which must not exceed 140 characters in length. It must be related to fish and aquaculture products, and will be written on the enabled contest website:

5 prizes can be won, and are as follows:

  • Prize 1: A prize consisting of dinner for two at a restaurant specializing in fishing products will be drawn amongst all those who share the Campaign Promotional Video or the Campaign image on their Facebook wall, or click “Like” in the image or video.
  • Prize 2: A prize consisting of a trip and dinner for two will be drawn amongst all participants in the contest. This includes plane tickets, accommodation and a Fishery Experience. It is understood that participants are those who participate in both categories, that is, “Fish Experience” and “Fish Professional”.
  • Prize 3: Jury Prize: A jury will choose the best picture/ video, and its author will be awarded with a trip that includes plane tickets, accommodation, a Fishery Experience and dinner for two. Only participants who share a picture have access to this award, that is, only those who participate in the “Fish Experience” category.
  • Prize 4: Jury Prize: A jury will choose the best “mini-tip”, and its author will be awarded with a home-delivered seafood platter, including wine, for two people. The products in the seafood platter will be served by a FEDEPESCA associate. The jury and criteria are detailed below.
  • Prize 5: Popular Prize: , The author of the picture/ video or advice with the highest number of shares or likes will be awarded with a voucher, exchangeable at a FEDEPESCA associated fishery, amounting to 200€. One voucher will be handed to a single winner amongst the “Fish Experience” and “Fish Professional” categories.

In addition to the fish products promotion goal, the other aim is to highlight the work done by the professionals of this sector using as a mean the website, trying to bring the specialized fish shop over, using new media supported by new technologies. We hope specially young people discover the services that specialized fish shops offer.

This project has been presented today in NH Príncipe de Vergara Hotel. The inauguration was done by the Interior Trade Director, Ms. Carmen Cárdeno and by the Fishery Planning General Director  Mr. Carlos Larrañaga.

Ms Cárdeno highlighted FEDEPESCA’s work trying to stand up for the interest of the sector. This work has earned FEDEPESCA the Commerce Merit Plaque 2015, and also reminded the principal lines of the Integral Commerce Plan.


From left to the right side of the picture: Ms. Carmen Cárdeno, Mr. Gonzalo González, Mr. Fernando Burgaz, Mr. Carlos Larrñaga y Mr. Borja Marinas.

Mr. Larrañaga opened the presentation act highlighting the significance of projects like FishFan, which promotes seasonal fishery products, remarking the need to promote fish consumption. The Director highly valued the collaboration with FEDEPESCA-

FEDEPESCA’s President Mr. Gonzalo González Puente, who owns a specialized fishery shop reminded that “in fish Retailer sector is still very important the professional’s work, because they can give advice to customers. But also professionals may get close to young people using new media, internet, or social networks. That is the reason why FEDEPESCA started few years ago to promote online campaigns trying to encourage young people to participate”.

The President highlighted that participation is possible in any Spanish official language, and also remarked FishFan international scope, which is also available in English, so anyone can participate from any country. FEDEPESCA aims to offer an updated image of this sector.

Lately the responsible from INSPIRIAM Mr. Borja Marinas explained how the online platform works, and how to participate in this contest, seeking the highest participation.

The act has been closed by the General Director of Food Industry Mr. Fernando Burgaz who explained the significance of promoting this kind of campaigns, which help to promote fishery products sales in specialized shops, and highlights the fantastic work of the professionals working in this sector. He also remarked another projects carried out by the Ministry which aim was promoting fish consumption.

FEDEPESCA was founded in 1978, and represents more than 7.200 Fish Retailers Shops, selling fish and frozen products. This shops employ more tan 35.000 people. FEDEPESCA’s goal is to defend the interests of the Fish Retailer Sector, and the  improvement of its conditions, and also promotes the adaptation to new legal obligations. FEDEPESCA tries to guide its Associated businesses to excellence, and tries to help them to accomplish a fundamental goal in the Food Industry: Food Safety.


During its history FEDEPESCA has carried out numerous activities related with Food Safety. A good example of that are the Guides to Good Hygiene Practice in Fish ,seafood and aquaculture products  Retailers Shops validated by AESAN, a traceability implementation system in Fisheries Guide. FEDEPESCA has also developed an informatic app to develop HACCP systems for fisheries.


FEDEPESCA has also published a  Guide related with the responsible consumption and  a sustainable receipt book, Guides related with Good environmental practices and a research about working conditions for women  working in the fish supply chain.

This activities attest the Fish, seafood and aquaculture Spanish retailers commitment with the quality, food safety, the environment and parity.

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