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  • Amazing prizes: 2 trips for two, a dinner, a home-delivered seafood platter and a 200€ Voucher exchangeable in a Fish Shop.
  • The contest is composed by 3 categories: “Share & Win”; “Fish Experience”. Taking part in this category is possible by sharing a picture or a video related with fish and seafood products, and “Fish Professional”, in which you can participate by sharing a mini-tip related with fishery products.
  • Under the slogan “Are you a Fish Fan?” participation in this contest is posible since 15th August to 30th


Have you still not participated in FishFan?,  FishFan is an online contest developed with the collaboration of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and with Agriculture, Food and Enviroment Ministry under the slogan “we invest in sustainable fishing”.  You can take part in, you can  win several prizes, as follows:

  • A Trip for two, including a fishery Experience,which will be raffled amongst those who participate in both categories “Fish Professional” and “Fish Experience”. Another trip for two including Fishery Experience, for the winner of the Jury Prize in the Category “Fish Experience”. In addition, the winner of the Jury Prize in the category “Fish Professional” will be awarded with a home- delivered seafood platter, including wine.  The author of the picture, video or mini- tip with the highest number of shares, or likes in social Networks will be awarded with a 200€ Voucher, exchangeable in a Fish Shop. Finally a dinner for two will be raffled amongst those who share or click “Like” in the campaign’s video or image on Facebook.

FishFan contest aim is to promote fishery and seafood products consumption, mostly seasonal, surplus , coastal, and novel products in traditional Fish Shops, so participants can take part in 3 categories and win several prizes. Online participation will be possible from 15th August to 30th September.

“Share& Win”, “Fish Professional”, “Fish Experience” are the categories of the contest, and people will be able to take part at any hour of the day, from any part of the world.

Regulatory Basis can be found in Users can take part using any Spanish Official Language, and also the contents have been traslated to English, to boost participation from any foreign country.

For further information  visit the contest website:

Don’t forget to share your tip, recipe, picture or video in FishFan. Turn yourself into a true FishFan!

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